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API key management

API keys are both available within integration pages and in the Settings page. Use the API keys of your integrations to receive integration requests and make the desired API request to Opsgenie REST API.

Please keep in mind that the API keys of the team integrations can only be used for the alerts/incidents of the specific team and the team-based configurations, whereas the API keys of the global integrations can be used for all of the API requests, including account-based configurations.

API keys can also be created and saved separately for global configuration requests, not tied to any integration. This can be managed from the API Key Management tab in your Settings page. Account owners and global admins have access to this tab and can generate an API key. The API keys can have different access rights depending on the use case.

API Key Management feature is available for all of our subscription plans. If your subscription plan does not support global integrations, we recommend adding new API keys from the API Key Management tab in the Settings page and using these API keys for account-based configuration API requests as the API keys of the team integrations do not support these API requests. If you have access to the global integrations, you can continue using them for account-based configuration API requests, or use the new API Key Management functionality.

API Key Management Tab

API Key Management can be found in the Settings page under the App Settings section and can be accessed by account owners and admins. This section lists all of the API keys added for making account-based configuration API requests. These API keys are not tied to any integration. The list available in this tab does not include the API keys of the configured integrations.

The main purpose of usage for these API keys is configuration based API requests. They can be used for configuration requests, some Alert API requests like Get Alert, List Alerts, and Incident API requests. Only Create AlertAcknowledge AlertClose Alert, and Add Note to Alert API requests are blocked for these API keys.

To add an API key:

  1. Navigate to Settings page >> App Settings >> API Key Management.

  2. Click Add New API Key.

  3. Enter a name for the API key and select the access rights to give to this API key. You can regenerate the shown API key before saving, if you would like to.

  4. Click Add API Key to save the new API key.

Access Rights:

Read: Can read the alerts, incidents, and configurations.
Create/Update: Can create new configurations and incidents, and update them,
Delete: Can delete alerts, incidents, and configurations.
Configuration Access: Specifies if the API key can access the configurations. If not selected, the API key can only access to the alert/incident data.

When using an API key in the back up tools, don't forget to give all access rights.


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