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Create a team and add members

First, create a Team. Access the top menu and click Teams. On the page that appears, you would see all existing teams, click Add Team. Fill out the Team name and description and click Add.

Adding members

To add members to a team, you must first invite the user to the account. To do that, go to Settings → Users and select Add User. Enter the user information and they will receive an email to sign up.

Then, to add the user to your team, access your Team dashboard and click the Members tab. Then click Add Member and when you begin typing a user, they appear in the drop-down menu.

A user can be a member of multiple teams. You can also give a "team admin" role to your members, to handle administrative tasks of the team, like managing on-call schedules and escalations.

A screenshot showing the role of a team member in Opsgenie.

From the dashboard you can designate your team’s Routing Rules, Escalation Policies, and On-Call Schedules. Learn how to configure the team dashboard.


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