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Integrate Opsgenie with Campfire

Campfire was retired by Basecamp in favor of Basecamp 3, but is still available to existing Campfire users. For more information, see this post by Basecamp.

What does Opsgenie offer Campfire users?

Forward Opsgenie alerts to Campfire to notify users of alerts. Notifications are sent to any desired Campfire room for any designated Team.

Functionality of the integration

  • Opsgenie forwards alert activity (alert is created, acknowledged, closed, etc.) to Campfire.

Add Campfire integration in Opsgenie

You can add this integration from your team dashboard

If you're using Opsgenie's Free or Essentials plan, or if you’re using Opsgenie with Jira Service Management's Standard plan, you can only add this integration from your team dashboard as the Integrations page under Settings is not available in your plan.

Adding the integration from your team dashboard will make your team the owner of the integration. This means Opsgenie will assign the alerts received through this integration to your team only.

To do that,

  1. Go to your team’s dashboard from Teams,

  2. Select Integrations, and select Add integration.

Follow the rest of the steps to complete the integration.

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations. Search for Campfire and select Add

  2. Specify what Team is assigned to this integration using the Responders field. Auto-complete suggestions are provided as you type.

  3. Open another window and navigate to Campfire.

  4. Select "My info" in the upper right corner of the page.

Campfire my info

6. Under the API authentication token, copy the entire string of characters listed.

7. Navigate back to the Opsgenie Campfire integration page, and paste the API authentication key into the corresponding "Token" field.

8. Enter the Campfire room ID into the "Rooms" field for which to forward alerts. The room ID is found in the Campfire URL while viewing the desired room. Copy the numbers directly after the /room/. For example, "/room/123"

9. Enter the Campfire subdomain into the "Subdomain" field. The subdomain is found in the Campfire URL, located directly before ".campfirenow.com."


10. Click Save Integration.

Additional Help