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Configure your profile

Under Free and Essentials Plans, only one Notification Rule is available to set per type. Types are limited to New Alerts, Schedule Start/End, Other Notifications.

Profile tab

Users can view & edit their information. Users can view groups, teams, escalations and schedules assigned to them.

Changing username

You can change your login email address. Just click the "Change" button next to the "Login email" field, enter the new email address and click OK. Check your inbox for a verification e-mail. Upon clicking the link in the verification e-mail, username change will be complete.

After changing username, all previous sessions are expired and all cookies become absolute, including mobile sessions. You'll be prompted to log in again.

If you are using Single Sign-on feature, please make sure the new username is configured in your identity provider.

You can also cancel the request after you submitted it.

Changing password

To change your password or set it for the first time, you can use the Profile page. Click the "Change Password" button and in the opening form, specify the new password. You need to provide your current password if you've set one before.

Notification tab

  • Contact Methods

  • Notification Rules

  • Mute

  • Quiet Hours

  • News & Announcement

Contact Methods

Opsgenie can send a notification to Email, SMS, Voice phone calls and Push notifications. Users views these contact methods and they can edit contact methods on this tab.

Users can enable/disable contact methods anytime.

If users have used any mobile apps, they can view app info.

Notification rules

You can configure when and how to receive notifications. You need to create a rule for each of your contact methods by specifying when to receive it. You can delay receiving notifications up to 1 day. You may have multiple rules. You can also enable/disable rules anytime.

Opsgenie will try each method one by one in the order you specify until you see the alert.


Users can mute notifications for a specified minute.

A screenshot showing mute functionality in Opsgenie's notification settings.

Quiet Hours

Users can specify certain time periods of the day as "quiet hours". During the specified hours, Opsgenie would not send notifications to the user. You can overwrite this setting for urgent alerts by adding OverwriteQuietHours tag to alerts.

A screenshot showing the quiet hours options in Opsgenie's notification settings.

News and announcements

Users can choose to receive information e-mails.

Forwarding rules tab

In some situations, users may not be able participate in on-call schedule rotations or respond to alerts in general. For these situations, Opsgenie allows users to create a "notification forwarding" rule to forward their alert notifications to another user for a specified time frame.

Click 'Add Rule' Button

Enter username, select Start & End date, click 'Save' button

A screenshot showing a sample forwarding rule in Opsgenie's notification settings.


Your on-call schedule tab

Users can view & export schedules assigned to them by using this tab.

A screenshot showing your on-call schedule tab in Opsgenie's notification settings.

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