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Update alert priority level

Priority level is a selection made during Alert creation which conveys the severity of an Alert so that responders can react accordingly. The priority settings can be made during the manual Alert creation or from the Advanced Integration Settings. Clicking the dropdown list on the Priority field would list all of the priority levels which can be seen below.


Alert priorities are also indicated at a first glance by the color attached to the deduplication number. The color scale is from P5 - Informational, a dark green, to P1 - Critical, a bright red.


Our Alert API also supports choosing and updating the priority level of Alerts you create and manage.

The priority level of an Alert can be manually updated after its creation. It can be changed manually by accessing the alert details via the Alerts Page and clicking the edit icon next to the current priority level. When the new priority level is chosen, Click Update. When the alert priority is updated, the notification flow for that alert will restart if the new priority is higher than the previous level.

In case an alert is deduplicated with a new alert of higher priority, the deduplicated alert’s priority is increased and its notification flow is restarted.

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