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View your on-call schedule

If you're on-call on multiple schedules, you can view and export your schedules from "When am I on-call" under your Profile menu. Or you can go to Your on-call schedule under Settings.

You can download your schedules in iCalendar format which is supported by Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and many others calendar tools.

Select Export team schedule on the icon bar to download the current month of your current schedule, starting from the current day.

You can also choose to export the schedule periodically. Select Open calendar from the icon bar to export the current month to your calendar, starting from the current day. Each month, Opsgenie will automatically keep exporting your current schedule for that month.

How to export other on-call schedules?

Export with download

  1. Locate the schedule you want to export and select on the Export team schedule icon.

  2. The schedule will appear as a download. Open it and select the Calendar you'd like to add your On-Call Schedule to in iCalendar.

Export with manual URL

  1. Locate the schedule you want to add to your web calendar and select the Open calendar option.

  2. Confirm your choice to add the schedule as a calendar on your web calendar application.

The 'Open calender' option appears on the 'Your on-call schedule' page in Opsgenie settings.

Make sure you allow adding an external calendar to your web calendar application.

Additional Help