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Add a note or attachment to an alert

Adding notes and attachments to alerts is not available under the Free and Essentials Plans. Please upgrade to a Standard or Enterprise Plan to use this feature.

Add Notes

Notes can be added initially to the alert or manually at any point, even after an Alert is closed. You can also add notes as HTML-formatted text.

  • Click on desired Alert to open Alert details

  • Click the notepad icon or attachment icon on the mini sidebar rightmost side of details box

  • Type in your note or select attachment

  • Click Add Note

Add Attachments

Sometimes, additional information is needed for the recipients of the alert to determine the right course of action. You can attach files to alerts to further enrich the alert. For example, when there is an application performance related alert, it may be useful to attach graphs that depict the performance metrics for the application, configuration change history can facilitate rapid triage, etc.

Attachments can be uploaded after the alert was created and the size of the attached file can not exceed 2MB.

The number of files in a .zip file is restricted up to 30 files.

Clients for viewing alerts and attachments:

Viewing options per file type and app:

  • Direct Viewing: If your browser is able to view ( mobile app have embedded browser ) the attachment file type it will be directly displayed

  • View after download : If your browser is not able to view the file type the file will be downloaded

  • Desktop computer browser view support : html, txt, image, pdf and similar files

  • iPhone, iPad app view support : html, txt, image, pdf , excel, word and similar files

  • Android app view support : html, txt, image

  • Android app view after download : pdf and similar files will be downloaded to your Android, you need to install suitable apps to your Android device. After download finishes a menu will appear showing the list of available apps installed for that file type, once you select the app you can view the file. Downloaded files are saved to opsGenieAttachments folder.

Zip with html attachment:

  • Zips containing html files are a special attachment type in Opsgenie

  • When a user tries to view a zip attachment with html Opsgenie shows the html file content to the user

  • You can zip a typical static webpage together with its resources, zip might include image files and html might display those images.

  • Opsgenie selects which html to display in the following order:
    -Assuming the zip file name is performanceGraphs.zip
    -performanceGraphs.html or .htm is used
    -index.html or .htm is used
    -the first .html or .htm file is used

How to attach a file

Files can be attached by using the web application or through the API.

Web application

To attach a file using the web application click on the alert, then access the right sidebar and click on the paper clip icon and "Add new" button.

Alert API

You can use Lamp: Command Line for attaching alerts via API with a simple command like :


1 lamp attachFile --alertId 44d2e383-df30-49e1-820e-65e8e6e6387f --attachment /tmp/lastHourCPUChart.png

You can also use Alert API or Opsgenie Java API for attaching files to alerts.


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