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European service region

Opsgenie offers a dedicated service region for its European customers who wish to increase data protection by storing their application data in their own region. The center is located in Frankfurt, Germany, and is hosted by Amazon Web Services. When using this service zone, customers are ensured that their application data is not copied or replicated outside the EU.

Upon registration, users designate the region in which to store their data. The default region is US, which can be changed on the application login page. The EU data center supports all application data. All app features are supported, while some integrations are in progress.

Opsgenie does collect some analytics from our customers in order to make our products better, however, this practice falls in accordance with the GDPR.

Opsgenie aims to make this transition as seamless as possible. To designate this regional selection, EU-elected customers access the URL: https://app.eu.opsgenie.com and log in normally. This indicates the user is opting to use the EU data center.

Users may also select to store data in the EU Data Center by designating the EU region on the Opsgenie login page and selecting either EU or US below login credentials.

An image showing the link to select Opsgenie's data residency.

Similarly, on the mobile device by accessing "Change Region" and selecting EU versus US when the selections appear.

An image showing Opsgenie's data residency options.

Contact us for your questions and support requests on migration.

EU data center URLs :
Web Application: https://app.eu.opsgenie.com
Rest API: https://api.eu.opsgenie.com
Incoming Email Boxes: mailbox@yourdomainname.eu.opsgenie.net
Voice and SMS Notification: List of numbers and vCard

US data center URLs:
Web Application: https://app.opsgenie.com
Rest API: https://api.opsgenie.com
Incoming Email Boxes: mailbox@yourdomainname.opsgenie.net
Voice and SMS Notification: List of numbers and vCard


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