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Investigate Incidents with GitLab CI/CD

Investigating incidents with Gitlab CI/CD is only available with Opsgenie’s Standard and Enterprise plans and only available for GitLab SaaS Ultimate users.

By connecting GitLab to your Opsgenie account, you’ll be able to select GitLab deployments as potential causes and investigate code changes during an incident. Learn more about incident investigation.

Before investigating incidents through GitLab deployments, you will need to connect a GitLab account to your Opsgenie, then map GitLab groups with Opsgenie services.

Connect your GitLab account

You can authorize multiple accounts, but you can connect only one GitLab account at a time.

  1. From your Opsgenie account, go to Settings → GitLab under Integrations.

  2. Select Connect groups. This will redirect you to GitLab to authenticate your GitLab account.

  3. Log in with the account you’d like to connect to your Opsgenie. Select Authorize.

  4. We’ll redirect you back to Opsgenie to connect your groups.

  5. Select the GitLab group or groups you wish to connect to your account. Then select Connect.

  6. If you have authorized more then one GitLab account and wish to connect groups from them, switch accounts from Select account dropdown.

Mapping GitLab groups with services

After mapping GitLab groups to services, you can select the deployments to that service as potential causes of that incident.

To map your GitLab groups:

  1. Go to Services → Team settings from your Opsgenie account.

  2. From the Definition tab, select Map GitLab project under Mapped CI/CD tools.

  3. We’ll show you groups and projects from your connected GitLab account. Select the ones you’re using for that service. Then select Add mappings.

Go to Investigate an incident to find out how to select deployments as potential causes.

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