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Acknowledge and unacknowledge an alert

Acknowledge an Alert

When a user Acknowledges or "Acks" an alert, it notifies other alert responders that it’s been seen and is being worked on. It also prevents escalation according to the defined escalation rules. The user who Acknowledges an alert becomes the owner of that alert. Other responders won’t continue to be notified unless stated in notification rules. You can Acknowledge all of your open alerts as a bulk action or Acknowledge a single alert via the "Ack" button on the right side where the action drop-down menu is also located.

UnAcknowledge an Alert

The UnAcknowledge action can be considered as Snooze action without end time. When an alert is un-acknowledged, the alert state will be reverted back to open and not-acknowledged immediately and Opsgenie will behave as the alert is just created. In other words, when an alert is UnAcknowledged:

  • All notification policies, auto-close policies and escalations that were executed before the un-acknowledge action will be invalidated.

  • Alert Notifications Flow for the alert will be re-started from the beginning.

Alerts should be both open and acknowledged to be able to un-acknowledge them.

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