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Connect owner and admin accounts to an Atlassian site

Before you begin

We understand that managing user accounts is a big responsibility. To make sure you and your users have a seamless experience, we want to help you prepare for the migration process.

After you create or select a site, we’ll automatically connect your Opsgenie account to your site and create Atlassian accounts for all existing users. Read our Atlassian organizations documentation to learn more about managing users and their access to Atlassian cloud products.

Follow the steps below to have an understanding of your responsibilities as an owner/admin of an Opsgenie account.

1 - Initiating the connection

Log in to your Opsgenie account. You’ll see a banner on top of your screen, inviting you to start the migration process. You may click the link on the banner, or go to Settings, then select General under App Settings. On this page, you’ll see the information regarding the connection and the button to start the migration process.

Click Migrate to an Atlassian site button.

The invitation banner and migration button are only visible to Opsgenie account admins and owners.

2 - Connect an existing Atlassian site

If you used an Atlassian product before, you might already have one or more Atlassian sites registered with your email. If that’s the case, you should decide which Atlassian site you want to connect with Opsgenie.

If your email is linked with one or more Atlassian sites, we’ll list them for you. Select one of them and click Migrate or create a new Atlassian site.

To be able to select an existing Atlassian site, you have to be a site admin of that site.

3- Create a new Atlassian account

If this is the first time you’re creating an Atlassian account, we’ll first ask you to sign up to Atlassian.

4 - Create a new Atlassian site

Enter your name, last name, and select a site name. The site name is part of a URL that your team will use to log in.

Once you click Migrate, we’ll receive your request and start the migration process.

5 - Authentication Process

Go back to the General tab to see the status of your migration. At this point, your team members will receive emails regarding the process.

Learn more about users responsibilities during the migration process.

6 - Check if your users are verified

Unverified user emails won’t receive the authentication email. Go to Users tab from Settings, and check if any of your users have unverified email. Resend verification email if there are any.

7 - Migration complete

After all your account users create, we’ll let you know that the migration process has been completed.

If you’re using an SSO to log in, your settings won’t be affected by these changes.

Still need help?

The Atlassian Community is here for you.