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View team alert MTTA/R analytics

Alert MTTA/R Analytics

Provides an aggregated view of details of alerts that were acknowledged and resolved by the on-call teams, over a designated period of time.

You can filter all charts by tags, teams, owner, priority, source, integration, message, acknowledged by (team member), closed by (team member), elapsed time to acknowledge, elapsed time to close, and date created.


  • Daily mean time to acknowledge
    Shows the average time it takes to acknowledge alerts per day, the maximum and minimum acknowledgement time, and total number of alerts acknowledged.

  • Daily mean time to resolve
    Shows the average time it takes to resolve alerts per day, the maximum and minimum resolution time, and number of alerts resolved.

  • Alert metrics per user
    Shows alert-related attributes for the users that are the recipients of the alerts that the team received. This includes total alerts that the user received, how many of them were acknowledged by the user, how many of them got escalated, the percentage of them that were acknowledged to escalated, and the user’s mean time to acknowledge.

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