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Send voice and SMS notifications

Opsgenie can send notifications via phone calls. To enable it, you should add a Voice contact and a notification rule in My Profile page. The voice notification contains alert message and possible actions to execute on the alert. Voice notifications are limited to maximum 2 minutes duration.

Alert notifications

When you pick up the call from Opsgenie, it first reads you the notification message. This could be the message of a new alert, or an action on an existing alert, like acknowledged or note added, etc. After the initial message, it provides you with a set of actions you can execute right from the dial pad:

  • Pressing 1 will read you the description of the alert.

  • Pressing 2 will close the alert.

  • Pressing 3 will acknowledge the alert (if the alert is not already acknowledged).

  • Pressing 4 will escalate the alert to next recipients, if there is at least one escalation for the alert. If there is only one active escalation at the moment, this will escalate to next recipients directly. If there are multiple escalations at the moment, this will list the names of active escalations and will ask the user to choose one.

  • Pressing 5 will read your list of custom actions that you can execute over the phone.

  • Pressing 6 will start acknowledge all action for your alerts.

  • Pressing 7 will take ownership of the alert, only if it's acknowledged by someone else.

  • Pressing star will replay the options.

  • Pressing 0 will end the call.

Aggregated voice notifications

Opsgenie aggregates phone notifications and makes phone calls to the given number in at most 4 minute intervals. Events occurring in-between will be aggregated for the next voice notification. While doing so, acknowledged and closed alerts during the aggregation interval are excluded from the notification. If all of aggregated alerts are either closed or acknowledged, Opsgenie skips the phone call.

Only Acknowledge All action is available for such notifications. When user presses 3 to start Acknowledge All, Opsgenie executes acknowledge action only for aggregated alerts. Previously open/unacknowledged alerts before the aggregation timer starts are not processed by this action.

On-call schedule notifications

You can get start and end notifications for your on-call schedules via phone. Opsgenie will call and notify you near the start/end of your on-call schedule; you can configure this to be "Just Before", or "1 hour" etc. before your on-call rotation begins/ends. Schedule notifications can be configured in My Profile page; look for Schedule under Notification Rules.

SMS notifications

Opsgenie can send notifications via SMS. To enable it, you should add an SMS contact and a notification rule that notifies this contact on Settings > Profile Settings. The SMS content includes the alert message and the short URL for the alert. SMS notifications sent by Opsgenie include a short URL that opens up the web browser and displays the alert details. Users can view alert details, and execute any default or custom action using the view that is displayed.

Please note that Opsgenie aggregates SMS notifications and will send SMS messages in at most 1 minute intervals. Events occurring in-between the intervals of 1 minute will be aggregated for the next SMS/Voice notification.

Acknowledging & closing alerts via SMS

Users can also acknowledge and close Opsgenie alerts by replying the SMS that they were notified.

The short URL that is included as part of the SMS notification has the data necessary to identify the alert the user is responding to. For example, if the SMS has the following short URL - http://opsg.in/i/4421 - user should use 4421 as the identifier.

In some regions, France for example, Opsgenie may send SMS via the sender ID "OPSGENIE" at times. Since notifications sent via the sender ID don't support two-way communication, you can't take actions like acknowledging or closing alerts.

To acknowledge the alert user can reply via SMS with the following text:


1 ack 4421



1 ack alert 4421

To close the alert, user can reply with the following text:


1 close 4421



1 close alert 4421

When Opsgenie receives the SMS from the user, appropriate action is executed and the outcome is sent to the user as a text message as well.


1 "Successfully acknowledged http://opsg.in/i/4421

Contact information

There are different vCards for both US and EU service regions. Please download the vCard that matches the location chosen for your account.

US region

Download US-vCard

You can download the vCard of Opsgenie used in US region phone numbers from here

Phone numbers for US accounts

Opsgenie uses the following phone numbers to send notifications for accounts based in the US region.

+1 (202) 851-8605
+1 (256) 568-608[0-1, 3-7]
+1 (866) 217-809[3-9]
+81 (503) 196-5262

Voice Australia
+61 (2) 6189-2548

Voice China
+86 (10) 8639 1403

+1 (888) 570-6940
+1 (210) 961-9060
+1 (866) 217-809[3-9]
+1 (202) 350-2913
+1 (202) 816-6845
+1 (855) 836-669[0, 2-8]
+1 (202) 370-6450
+1 (888) 481-6002

SMS USA (backup numbers)
+1 (469) 250-9978
+1 (256) 568-606[3, 4, 8, 9]
+1 (256) 568-607[2-7, 9]
+1 (256) 568-608[0-1, 3-7]
+1 (256) 568-609[0-4, 8-9]
+1 (256) 568-610[0-4]
+1 (888) 480-7806
+1 (202) 851-8605

SMS Australia
+61 (448) 798-788

SMS Ireland
+353 (870) 604-146

SMS Netherlands
+31 (970) 102-40038

SMS Spain
+34 (911) 067-383

SMS Switzerland
+41 (766) 013-135

SMS France
+33 (644) 644-662
+33 (644) 639-939
+33 (644) 635-858
+33 (644) 635-878
+33 (644) 635-885
OPSGENIE (sender ID)

+44 (752) 063-1070

SMS Portugal
+351 (927) 945-262

+1 (703) 594-4111

EU region

Download EU-vCard

Download the vCard of Opsgenie used in EU region phone numbers.

Phone numbers for EU accounts

Opsgenie uses the following phone numbers to send notifications for accounts based in the EU region. Note that this list is not complete; you can get the full list by downloading Opsgenie’s vCard. Some of these numbers might be used for both SMS and voice notifications too.

+1 (202) 804-8867
+1 (202) 516-8562
+1 (210) 961-9060
+1 (210) 961-9080

Voice China
+86 (10) 8639 1403

+1 (202) 804-8867
+1 (202) 804-8286 
+1 (202) 516-8562
+1 (210) 961-9060
+1 (202) 350-2980
+1 (202) 804-8798
+1 (210) 961-9080
+1 (855) 805-6644

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