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Outbound traffic static IP list

If you're using a restrictive firewall or proxy server settings, you or your network admin will need to add certain IP address ranges to your allowlist so that Opsgenie will work as expected.

Here we explain how to set up your allowlist to manage the traffic from Opsgenie to your systems. To see the allowlist from your systems to Opsgenie, visit Inbound traffic static IP list.

Atlassian Cloud IP ranges

To make sure that your system receives traffic from Opsgenie as expected, go to https://ip-ranges.atlassian.com and add the listed IPs to your allowlist.

The list of IP addresses is dynamic and will change over time. The list is exceptionally long, and we suggest users apply the domain to an allowlist whenever possible.

In addition to Atlassian’s IP ranges, run the relevant command below to download AWS’s ip-ranges.json. Then, filter the global Cloudfront IP addresses into a new file:

Sample code to run AWS IP .json using Linux

1 curl -O https://ip-ranges.amazonaws.com/ip-ranges.json && jq '.prefixes[] | select(.service == "CLOUDFRONT" and .region == "GLOBAL")' ip-ranges.json > og-ip-ranges.json


Learn how IP address and domains are managed for Atlassian cloud products.

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