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Outbound traffic static IP list

Important changes on the allowlist as of July 17, 2020

With Opsgenie becoming part of the Atlassian family and joined its collaboration platform, we no longer use custom IP ranges. All Opsgenie IP ranges are now managed directly from Atlassian.

You can have more information about how Atlassian manages IP addresses by going to IP addresses and domains for Atlassian cloud products.

If you're using a restrictive firewall or proxy server settings, you or your network admin will need to allow certain IP address ranges to ensure Opsgenie works as expected.

Atlassian Cloud IP Ranges

To make sure that your system receives traffic from Opsgenie as expected, go to https://ip-ranges.atlassian.com and add the listed IP’s to your allowlist.


Last modified on Sep 14, 2021
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