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Use Zoom for the Incident Command Center

Using Zoom for the Incident Command Center is only available on the Enterprise plan.

Opsgenie’s Zoom app lets you leverage Zoom as the video bridge for your Incident Command Center (ICC) sessions. ICC provides a central place to command, control, and coordinate incident response. It enables you to stop switching between different tools and platforms during incident response. You can view the status and progress of each responder team and track all updates and actions, from a centralized dashboard.

For more information about Incident Command Center, please click here.


  • Free or Paid Zoom Account

  • A Opsgenie account with incidents feature enabled

  • Pre-approval of the Opsgenie/Opsgenie EU app in the Zoom Marketplace
    Note: If the app is not pre-approved, please contact your Zoom admin.

Installing Zoom app & Setting up your Zoom conference room:

Please note that the user who is adding a conference room in Opsgenie needs to be a Zoom admin or have the related permissions to authorize an account-level app in Zoom.

  1. Login to your Opsgenie account and navigate to Settings page.

  2. Navigate to the Conferences tab and click Add room to add a room for Zoom.

  3. Select Zoom as the type of the room and enter a name and description for the room.

4. Click Create.
a. If you have not signed in to your Zoom account in your browser, the modal will ask you to log in to your Zoom account to install and use the Opsgenie app in Zoom.
b. If/once signed in to Zoom, permission requests will be shown as the next step, if the Opsgenie app is not installed in your Zoom account already.

5. Once all the steps are confirmed, a new room will be added in Opsgenie.

Note: Your Opsgenie user should have Create/update rooms permission to create a new Zoom conference room.

Using the Zoom conference room for your incidents:

  1. Select the room that you have created with Zoom as the room type when creating the incident or starting an ICC session (if a room is not selected during incident creation).

  2. Once a new session is started by clicking on the Incident Command Center button available on incidents and responder alerts, the Incident Command Center will be opened in a new tab.

3. Click Enter session to join the session. Zoom meeting will be initiated in a new tab. You can navigate back to the ICC tab to work on your incident in the Incident Command Center, while having the video call in Zoom.

 Removing the Opsgenie/Opsgenie EU app

  1. Login to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom Marketplace.

  2. Search for Opsgenie/Opsgenie EU and click the app or navigate to your installed apps via Manage > Installed Apps.

  3. Click Uninstall next to Opsgenie/Opsgenie EU.

  4. Confirm the dialogue and click Uninstall.

Contact us if you need help with Zoom integration for ICC.


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