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Effects of deprecating the old API

API v1 was deprecated on May 2017 when the Rest API was released. As of June 30, 2018, API v1 is inaccessible to all customers (Currently, only the customers that were signed up before October 2017 have access to API v1).

This document explains the effect of decommissioning of the API v1 to the integrations. The majority of the integrations will not be affected by this transition. Since most of our integrations' endpoints contain "/v1/json/...", this might create a confusion that these integrations might be affected due to this transition. However, the integration endpoints do not reflect the API version (it reflects that integration's endpoint version, which is unrelated to the API) and would not be affected by this transition.

There are few integrations which are developed using API V1 by the integrated tool's vendor and those integrations are the only ones which will be affected by the API decommissioning. We have already contacted these vendors about this change so that they can update the integrations to work with our REST API. The list below will be updated as they make the changes on their side.

Here is the list of integrations which still use API v1:

  • DripStat

  • Riemann ( below version 0.3.1)

  • SematextSpm

  • Trace

  • Prometheus (below alertmanager version 0.10.0-rc.3)

  • Sensu (below version 3.0 Enterprise)

  • SignalSciences

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