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Connect user accounts to an Atlassian site

Before you begin

The migration process is usually initiated by the account owner/admin and managed by the Opsgenie team automatically. However, as a user, you are in charge of verifying and managing your credentials

If you already have a verified Atlassian account with your Opsgenie email, you don’t need to take any action.

Once your account owner/admin initiates the migration process, you and other users in your account will receive invitation emails to create your Atlassian accounts. To receive an invitation email, you must have a verified email registered to your Opsgenie account.

If you don’t have an existing Atlassian account, you need to set your credentials before using your new Atlassian account for other Atlassian cloud products.

1 - Authenticate your Atlassian account

When your account owner/admin initiates the migration, we automatically create your Atlassian account with the email you’re using to log in to Opsgenie. However, we’ll need you to authenticate your account - meaning, you should create a new password.

Go to your inbox to find the email sent to you by the Atlassian team. Enter your credentials to complete the authentication process.

If you don’t receive the authentication email, your email might be unverified. Go to your profile settings to send yourself a verification email.

2 - Migration Complete

After all account users create and verify their Atlassian accounts, we’ll let the account owner/admin know that the migration process has been completed. You’ll be able to use your Atlassian site to log in.

If you’re using an SSO to log in, your settings won’t be affected by these changes.

Additional Help