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Integrate Opsgenie with RingCentral Glip

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What does Opsgenie offer RingCentral Glip users?

Opsgenie has a webhook integration with RingCentral Glip. Forward Opsgenie alert activity to RingCentral Glip. Users can find out about all actions performed on alerts without leaving RingCentral Glip.

This document describes how to configure the integration.

Functionality of the integration

  • When an alert is created in Opsgenie, a message is also created in RingCentral Glip automatically through the integration.

  • When alert is updated(closed, acknowledged, assigned etc.) in Opsgenie, a message is also created in RingCentral Glip automatically through the integration.

Add RingCentral Glip Integration in Opsgenie

This integration is only available with Standard and Enterprise plans in Opsgenie, and Premium and Enterprise plans in Jira Service Management.

Adding the integration from your team dashboard will make your team the owner of the integration. This means Opsgenie will assign the alerts received through this integration to your team only. Follow the rest of the steps in this section to set up the integration.

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations. Search for RingCentral Glip and select Add

  2. Specify who is notified of RingCentral Glip alerts using the Responders field. Autocomplete suggestions are provided as you type.

  3. Paste the link copied from RingCentral.

  4. Select Save Integration.

Configuration in RingCentral Glip

  1. In RingCentral Glip choose Integrations from the bottom of the left side menu.

RingCentral Glip integrations

2. From the integration list, choose Opsgenie.

RingCentral Glip choose Opsgenie integration

3. From the opening message box choose a conversation or create a new team.

RingCentral message

4. In the "Integration Details" copy the Glip Webhook URL. Paste this URL to the Glip Webhook URL field of Opsgenie’s RingCentral Glip Integration configuration page.

RingCentral Glip Integration Details

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