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Integrate Opsgenie with Nagios

Nagios diagram

Opsgenie provides a rich bidirectional integration plugin for Nagios. Opsgenie has a number of easy to use integration methods (email, API, command line tools, programming libraries, etc.) to ensure all monitoring tools are easily integrated with Opsgenie. Nagios is integrated with Opsgenie via the email interface, or by executing scripts in any language that use Opsgenie Web API. This document describes two supported integration options.

This article explains integrating Opsgenie with Nagios. If you’re using Nagios XI, go to Integrate Opsgenie with Nagios XI.

1. Integration using Opsgenie Nagios Plugin

Opsgenie’s Nagios plugin supports bidirectional integration with Nagios. Integration leverages Opsgenie’s Nagios-specific executable and OEC utility to automatically create rich alerts (status, alert histogram, trends, etc.) and synchronizes alert status between Nagios and Opsgenie. Opsgenie’s Nagios plugin is the recommended integration method as it enables Nagios to take advantage of advanced capabilities provided by Opsgenie.

2. Integration via Email

Nagios sends alert notifications via email using an email utility such as sendmail. Opsgenie’s Email integration supports processing emails sent by Nagios, parsing the relevant information from the emails, and creates & closes alerts in Opsgenie. Integration via email does not require any software components to be installed on the Nagios server, and can be implemented by simply modifying the appropriate configuration files, therefore it can be implemented very quickly.

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