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Switch from Heartbeat v1 to Heartbeat v2

To use Heartbeats v2, you can make the switch from your Opsgenie Settings page. You can check the Heartbeat document for the new Heartbeat Flow. If you choose to use the new Heartbeats, please consider following notes.

If you change your Heartbeat setting to V2:

  • You cannot see/configure/ping your existing global Heartbeats. If you wish to use them after this change, please assign them to a team before making the switch to V2.

  • You cannot see any Heartbeat integrations you have. If you wish to check any configurations you have for these integrations, please do so before you change your Heartbeat setting.

  • If you want to configure Heartbeat Expiration Alerts like you did with the Heartbeat integrations, you can now configure Alert Message, Priority, and Tags on the Heartbeat creation page. These configurations are available for each Heartbeat. If you don’t change these fields for your existing Heartbeats or the Heartbeats that you will create after changing your Heartbeat setting to V2, they will be populated with default values. You can change them anytime by editing your Heartbeat configurations.

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