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Integrate Opsgenie with Nagios XI Email

By default Nagios XI is configured to send email notifications. To send Nagios notifications to Opsgenie via email, you need a correctly configured UNIX based email sending tool (mailx, sendmail, etc.). View the email notification commands in the Commands section at Core Config Manager of your Nagios XI installation's web interface.


Note that the instructions may need to be adjusted depending on your exact Linux distribution and your Nagios XI configuration.

In Opsgenie

  1. Go to Settings → Integrations. Search for Email and select Add. An email integration creates Opsgenie alerts for every email sent to specified email address.

  2. You should copy the email address of Email Integration to use it in Nagios XI contact definition.

Nagios XI email

In Nagios XI

  • Go to Nagios XIConfigure > Core Config Manager > Alerting > Contacts

  • Select Add New button

  • Populate Common Settings as follows.

Command Name: opsgenie

Email Address: <email_address_of_opsgenie_email_integration>

Command Type: misc command

Active: checked

Manage Contact Groups: Choose Admins and generic-contact

Nagios XI Contact Management

Populate Alert Settings as follows.

Host Notifications Enabled: On

Host Notification Timeperiod: 24x7

Host Notification options: Down, Up

Service Notifications Enabled: On

Service Notification Timeperiod: 24x7

Service Notification options: Warning, Unknown, Critical, OK

Save and Apply Configuration

Please make sure that the contact is added to your Hosts and Services contact list.

Once done, you’ll be able to see alerts in Opsgenie for every notification created in Nagios XI.

Nagios XI Alert Details

If you have any problem, check your email utility is working correctly. You may change the contact email to a mail box you have access to test Nagios notifications are sent correctly.


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