Organization Map

Organization Map is being rolled out incrementally. We aren’t able to enforce this feature on accounts. If you’re not seeing your organization in Trello, check back at a later date.

When a number of users are on the same domain (e.g they are considered of the same organization. That organization/domain name is what’s pulled into the top left corner view. For the users inside an organization, the main difference will be the header of Trello.

Historically in Trello, you could not see all Workspaces inside your organization. You could only see the Workspace you were a member of. In order to access a Workspace inside your organization that you were not a member of, you had to be invited by an existing member or Admin of that Workspace.

Organization Map was created to be a place where you can search and find Trello Workspaces inside your organization.


Clicking on the organization’s name will forward you to the Organization Map where you’ll see all the Workspaces inside your organization.


Organization Map metrics:

Inside a Organization Map you’re able to see:

  • The total number of Trello Workspaces across the entirety of your domain.

  • The total number of Trello boards across those various Workspaces.

  • The number of Trello users whose account email address is on the domain.


Private Workspaces

The private Workspace tile at the bottom of your Organization Map represents the number of private Workspaces throughout the organization that you aren’t a member or admin of. You aren’t able to see them or request access to it because of the privacy permission.


Changing a Workspace visibility inside a Organization Map

Being the Workspace Admin of a private Workspace, you may see Workspaces that have the icon indicating that the Workspace is set to private, meaning that the Workspace is not visible throughout the organization. This setting means that the Workspace visibility was set as Private and cannot be discovered nor request to be joined by users outside of that Workspace.

As the Workspace Admin, you can then view the 'Workspace visibility' from the Organization Map and choose to change the settings to Organization visible.


What are Workspaces outside of my organization?

External Workspaces are Workspaces that you’ve been invited to by users outside of your organization. If you’re a member or guest of an external Workspace, you can view those external Workspaces by clicking the option to Switch to external Workspaces in the top right corner of the Organization Map.


Frequently Asked Questions

I have Organization Map, does this means I have a Trello Enterprise subscription?

An organization does not mean you’re an Enterprise user. You can be a part of an organization and be a free user, or your organization can have all free Workspaces.

I can’t see the Switch to external Workspaces button.

Only the users invited to external Workspaces will see the button.

I’m part of an organization but this is my personal account and shouldn’t be in an organization.

Please submit a ticket at so we can take a closer look.

What’s the difference between a Workspace in my organization and an external Workspace?

Being invited to a Workspace by a user outside your domain (e.g. means it’s an external Workspace, even if you’re an admin of the Workspace. If you or a colleague in the same domain create a Workspace, it’s a Workspace inside your organization.


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