Getting custom data from Trello into a spreadsheet

The fastest way to get data out of Trello is to simply export to JSON or CSV (CSV is available to Premium members). See Exporting data from Trello for more information.

If you're looking for something more advanced, you can use the Trello API within your browser to query for information. The response is in JSON, but with a few steps you can convert that to CSV.

Example: Exporting my cards to CSV

The API route for getting your cards is documented at

  1. Log into Trello in your browser

  2. Pro Tip: Use the JSONView Chrome extension to more easily view JSON data returned from the API.

  3. In your browser, go to

  4. Copy everything that's returned to your clipboard (Note: If you're using JSONView, click "View Source" in the top right corner. This will be easier to copy)

  5. Find your favorite JSON-to-CSV converter. Maybe try

  6. Paste in your JSON data and then download the resulting CSV.

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