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Migrate to Opsgenie Edge Connector (OEC)

Marid has provided secure access by resolving challenges faced while integrating internal and external systems. However, to give the best experience and meet the improved capacities we’ve deprecated Marid and replaced it with OEC. OEC provides more secure access, flexibility, lower costs, and enhanced technology.

Like Marid, OEC communicates with Opsgenie without requiring inbound connections through your firewall.

It's also just as secure, compatible with proxy servers and industry-standard HTTPS/TLS Encryption. Here are some other advantages of OEC;

  • In case if they’re installed on the environment, OEC can utilize scripts in any language listed below,:
    Groovy scripts(.groovy)
    Python scripts(.py)
    Go scripts(.go)
    Powershell scripts(. ps1)
    Shell scripts(.sh)
    Batch files(.cmd and .bat)

  • OEC reduces system overhead and maintenance costs by eliminating the requirement of installing agents on every monitoring server to send Opsgenie actions back to internal systems.

  • OEC doesn't need a Java environment; therefore, it doesn't execute groovy scripts like Marid does.

  • Default Groovy scripts for integrations written for Marid are replaced with Python scripts for OEC.

We'll continue our uninterrupted support until Marid is fully sunsetted.

Getting started with the migration

Before migrating, Learn more about Opsgenie Edge Connector to understand the correct migration process for your environment. Then, follow the steps below to migrate to OEC from Marid.

Step 1 - Go to Settings > Integrations. Select Add integration and search for OEC. Configure the integration.

Step 2 - Download OEC. If you’re using a Marid related integration, such as Nagios, Jira or Zabbix, make sure to download their OEC packages separately.

Step 3 - Configure OEC and migrate your scripts.

Step 4 - Stop Marid server.

Step 5 - Start using OEC and make sure it is connected to your system.

Step 6 - Remove Marid from your environment and check it is not starting automatically after a reboot.

Step 7 - Go to Settings > Integrations. Find Marid on your Integration list. Disable the integration from the ellipsis (…) menu.

Additional Help