Your organization in Trello

Note: Your organization is being rolled out incrementally. If you’re not seeing your organization in Trello, check back at a later date.

This feature is only available to Trello users who are logged in with a business domain (not using a public email provider such as or

Your organization gives you a bird's-eye view of what team members across your organization are working on in Trello. Find Workspaces that are exclusive to your organization and discover opportunities to work with other team members in Trello.

Viewing your organization in Trello

Your organization is made up of Workspaces, boards, and members within your company. Find and request to join Workspaces, to easily organize and share your work with a select group of team members.  As a Workspace member, you’ll have full permission to view, edit, and collaborate on content within that Workspace. 

Before you begin, verify that you are logged in with an email address ending in your company's email domain (e.g.,, To open your organization, select your company name from the navigation bar of any Trello page. 


Workspaces you belong to

Workspace tiles with color represent those that you are a member or guest of. If you are a guest of a Workspace, you can request to join as a member to see and contribute to all of its boards, members, and contents. Select a tile to open a Workspace from this page. 

Organization-visible Workspaces

All users logged in with your company’s email domain will be able to find and request to join Workspaces whose visibility is set as organization. Anyone who is not a member of the Workspace must request to join in order to explore its boards, members, and contents. If you’d like to join a Workspace, select the corresponding Workspace tile and click Request to join. Once your request has been approved, you will receive a notification from your Workspace admins. 

Request to join


Private Workspaces

Private Workspaces are hidden from anyone (inside or outside your organization), who is not a member of that Workspace. If there are private Workspaces, you won’t be able to view the names of these Workspaces or request to join them. All Workspace visibilities are defaulted as private unless set to organization-visible by a Workspace admin.

If you know a private Workspace admin, encourage them to change its visibility to organization, so other team members can find and request to join them. 

Changing a Workspace’s visibility

If you are an admin of a Workspace, you can change a Workspace’s visibility by clicking the lock icon on the top right corner of the respective Workspace tile. Alternatively, you can use Workspace settings to perform this action.

A closed padlock indicates that this Workspace is set as private. Members who are not a part of this Workspace won’t be able to see or request to join it. 

An open lock indicates that this Workspace is set as visible to everyone in the organization. Members who are not part of this Workspace can only see the name of this Workspace, along with the number of boards and members it contains. They won’t be able to see the board’s contents or list of members until they request to join. 

Workspace Visibility

External Workspaces

External Workspaces are Workspace you are a member or guest of, that are not currently part of your organization. If you want to help your team members find them, we suggest moving the Workspace into your organization.

If you'd like to move a Workspace into your organization, view this guide to learn how to move this Workspace.

I can’t find a specific Workspace

If you are looking for a particular Workspace and don’t see it in your organization, verify that the Workspace’s visibility is set as organization. If you can’t find your Workspace:

  • Check external Workspaces. If it’s there but should be in your organization you (or a Workspace admin) can move it.

  • Check your Workspace’s visibility setting. Workspaces that are Private are hidden. If a team member shared the name of a private Workspace with you, you won’t be able to find it unless they invite you as a member or guest.  

Note: We currently display a maximum of 40 Workspaces in your organization. If you are looking for a specific Workspace that’s not displayed, contact the Workspace admin and have them add you as a member.  


Additional Help