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What is the new publishing and sharing experience?

Our customers are our highest priority. Due to feedback, we've made the difficult decision to pause the rollout of new publishing and sharing experiences. The quality of the changes are not up to our standards for customers.

We're evaluating how to bring the best experience to you and will deliver improvements in the future. You can follow along with the latest updates here.

We appreciate your understanding. Customers are our lifeblood, and your collective customer perspective always comes first.

We recently announced that we’re updating the experience of publishing and sharing pages in Confluence Cloud to help you feel more confident in your content.

No action is needed to prepare for these changes. The updated experiences are launching together and are expected to begin rolling out around November 2022.

We’re also releasing a new feature to help you get things done with people outside of your organization by sharing Confluence content externally with public links.

What’s changing in the publishing experience?

The updated publishing experience aims to remove the anxiety that can emerge around content creation by providing more transparency and control over where a page will live and who can see it when published. It builds upon the new sharing experience to clearly indicate the yet-to-be-published page’s location and access.

When you first go to publish a page or blog by selecting Publish, you’ll see the publish dialog, a new modal that consolidates several existing publishing options and settings into one place. Other than the page location and access, all items in the publish dialog are optional. Spending the time to get your settings how you want them up front can save time on later updates.

After a page or blog is published for the first time, the Publish you see while editing becomes Update for all future edits. The button is split, allowing two different paths to publication. You can simply update/re-publish the page with the settings you previously selected or re-open the publish dialog to make changes for the new version and then publish.

After the initial publish, you have the option to adjust publish settings or simply Update your content

What’s changing in the sharing experience?

We set out to solve three big problems with the new sharing experience: unclear page access, a multi-step sharing process, and difficulty troubleshooting access issues.

To do that, we focused on two primary strategies:

  • All page sharing functionality in one place

  • More visibility into a page’s true access

Instead of needing to go to one place for sharing and another to grant permissions, we’ve combined the two and made it easier to understand.

A comparison of the old sharing experience and the new

When viewing a page, select Share. From there, you can:

  • Add people, groups, or emails

  • Copy a link to the page for sharing

  • Change who can view or edit

  • Make the page private

  • Restore default access

  • Inspect permissions

With this new experience, you’ll feel more confident and in control of your content, which will make it much easier for you and your team to share and collaborate on Confluence pages.

Learn more about what changed in the community post.

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