Home is a new Confluence experience to help you navigate, find information quickly, and keep up with the activity on your site. Home is where you can begin your Confluence journey and reorient yourself when you’re moving on to a new task or project. You can easily find what's important to you when your work, updates, and space directory are together on one page.

With Home, you can get to information quickly and stay on top of what’s happening in your team using the following methods:

  • Spaces — Get back to the spaces you care about, starred or recently visited.

  • Recent pages — Find pages you’ve drafted, recently published, visited, or starred.

  • Announcements — See information from your site's administrator. If your administrator hasn't created announcement content, this section won't appear.

  • Calendars — Review the calendars and events in your team calendars. This section only appears if the Team Calendars for Confluence app has been added to your Confluence site.

  • Feed — View the updates across your site or just the popular pages and blogs.

Keep spaces you visit close

Use the Spaces section of Home to keep frequently visited spaces within reach. You might star your company’s IT or HR department’s knowledge base for quick access to information about policies on working remotely and travel budgets.

If you have permission to create spaces, you can also create a space from here - making this page a true hub for quickly doing all the things you need to do.

Get back to work

The recent pages section keeps track of what you’ve been viewing or working on, so you don’t have to keep tabs open or search for each page all over again.

Recent pages are categorized like this:

  1. Visited — Pages and blogs you have viewed, including those that you’ve edited and commented on

  2. Worked on — Pages and blogs you created, edited, and commented on; this includes drafts

  3. Starred — Pages and blogs you starred so that you can easily get back to them without searching or using browser bookmarks

  4. Drafts — Pages and blogs you created and closed without publishing

When you add a page comment or an inline comment, those actions result in a page showing up in your Visited and Worked on lists

All roads lead to Home

Before Home existed, we had pages dedicated to discovering and finding information. Home consolidated all that information into one place.  To make sure you are getting the latest and greatest information and features, any bookmarks you have to those old locations will be redirected to Home.

  • Activity feeds — URLs containing /wiki/discover/ redirect to Home
  • Your work dashboards — URLs containing /wiki/my/ redirect to Home
  • Recent pages — URLs containing /wiki/recent/ redirect to Home