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Gain insights into product usage and security practices

Organization and admin insights provide a set of analytics that occur across your organization’s Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Jira Work Management, Confluence, and Trello products. Use these analytics to track adoption of Atlassian products, make data-driven decisions about who needs product access, and evaluate the security of your organization.

Insights are available when you subscribe to Atlassian Access or to Premium plans for Jira Software, Jira Service Management, and Confluence. Learn more about Atlassian Access, Confluence Cloud plans, and Jira Cloud plans.

Refer to the following table to understand the different types of insights.


Organization insights

Admin insights

Available with

Atlassian Access

Premium plans for Jira Software, Confluence, Jira Service Management

Products/users applied to

  • All Jira and Confluence products that are part of your organization

  • All Trello active users on your organization’s managed domain(s)

Products with Premium plans you subscribe to

Example activities

  • Daily active usage over the past 30 days

  • % of inactive users with product access

Insights charts

The charts that appear on the Insights page track activities across the products you’ve added to your organization. Insights includes these charts:



Active users

Displays active users, which are those who have viewed a page in a product (e.g. a Jira issue or Confluence page), or in the case of Trello, those who have used Trello at least once a month and have an email domain that the organization admin manages.

Active users by product

Breaks down the users by product that are active versus those who aren’t currently active.

Active Trello users

Displays users, who are active in Trello at least once a month, and have an email on a domain managed by this organization. The chart breaks down the users by pricing plan.

Two-step verification coverage

Breaks down two-step verification coverage across your 1) managed accounts and 2) accounts that your organization doesn't manage but that have product access.

If you have an Atlassian Access subscription, you’ll have additional details about these accounts. In each case, the accounts may or may not be managed:

  • Accounts that are enabled or not enabled aren’t required to log in with two-step verification.

  • Accounts with two-step verification enforced are required to log in with two-step verification.

  • Accounts that are enforced and not enabled are required but haven’t logged in since two-step verification became mandatory.

  • Accounts that log in with single sign-on have separate two-step verification settings associated with an identity provider.

View insights

To access your organization's insights:

  1. Go to admin.atlassian.com. Select your organization if you have more than one.

  2. Select Security > Insights.

You must be an organization admin to do this.

You’ll see insights only if there is data to display. Insights are updated on a daily basis.

A diagram of the number of active users per product per site. Under it a breakdown of active accounts.

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