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Get started with an Atlassian organization

Your Atlassian organization is where you find your company-wide administration settings. You get started with an Atlassian organization in one of two ways: 1) signing up for a new Atlassian product or 2) creating an organization without products.

Sign up for an organization with a product

We offer a 7-day free trial for Jira Cloud products and Confluence Cloud. When you sign up for one of these products for the first time, you also create a site and organization for that product. A site contains a single instance of each product you're using, which could include Confluence, Jira and Jira Service Management.

To get an organization when you sign up for a product:

  1. Go to www.atlassian.com.

  2. From one of the pages for a Jira product or Confluence, click Get it free.

  3. Depending on what you selected, you may be asked if you want to select a second product. After you decide whether or not to do that, click Next.

  4. From Work email, enter the email address you’re going to use for this product. If you already have an Atlassian account with that email address, we’ll log you in to the site with that account. Otherwise, we’ll walk you through creating an account.

  5. If you already have a product, you may need to select Start a new site. From Claim your site, enter a name for your site. This name will be part of the URL that you’ll go to when logging in and display as https://<site_name>.atlassian.net.

At this point, we walk you through setting up your product to help you get started.

To start inviting users, go to  and select Administration. From there, you have access to the rest of your organization administration settings from the navigation at the top.

Create an organization without products

If your company only uses Bitbucket or Trello, you don’t automatically get an organization when you start using those products. You may want to create an organization without products to manage your employee’s Atlassian accounts and how they access Bitbucket and Trello.

When you create an organization without products, we walk you through starting an Atlassian Guard Standard subscription.

To create an organization:

  1. Go to https://admin.atlassian.com/o/create.

  2. Enter a name that describes your organization best and click Create.

  3. From the Atlassian Guard Standard screen, click Start your 30-day free trial.

You land in your organization. To start managing your employee’s Atlassian accounts, verify ownership of your company’s domains. If your company wants to start using one of our other products (for example, Confluence), you can add products to your organization.


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