Questions for Confluence の使用を開始する

Confluence はスペースのコンテンツから成り立っています。Questions の一部のコンテンツはどこからでも利用できる必要があります。そのため、スペースので質問をして (グローバルな質問) トピックごとに整理したり、スペースで質問をして Confluence スペースの権限を継承したりできます。

Questions for Confluence がインストールされている Confluence サイトでは、Confluence サイドバーの [アドオン] > [質問] をクリックして開始します。



  • Enable the Questions for Confluence add-on
    Questions for Confluence is available on the Atlassian Marketplace for all Confluence Cloud sites. Once enabled, you can access Questions by going to Add-ons > Questions in the Confluence sidebar. 

  • Brainstorm some topics
    Topics help create structure and allow you to group like questions together. Users can choose to watch specific topics, and can use them to navigate to other questions. Topics are added as people ask questions, but if you are an administrator you can create them in the topic list once the first question has been asked.

  • Seed some questions and answers
    We've found the best way to get your community up and running is to seed some frequently asked questions. Do you already have an FAQ?  Add these questions, along with useful answers, to get your community moving. 

  • Engage your experts
    Helpful answers to questions are what'll build your community, so recruit people to act as experts in the early stages. Encourage them to watch topics that interest them, and provide answers. Upvote helpful answers, and downvote unhelpful answers. Get people on board early. 

  • 質問をシェアしましょう