Email visibility settings


On your Atlassian account settings, you can control who can see your email address.

To set your email visibility:

  1. 右上隅の設定の歯車アイコン () を選択して、サイト設定を開きます。

  2. Select Profile and visibility on the left side.

  3. Scroll down to the Contact section.

  4. Choose one of the options from the Who can see this? dropdown:

    1. Anyone:  visible to anyone who can view your content, including people outside of the Atlassian organization. Accessible by installed apps.

    2. Atlassian: only visible to people who have access to the Atlassian organization.

    3. Only you and admins: only visible to you and admins. To manage access to Atlassian products and services, admins need to view your email address too.

Your new settings will be saved automatically.

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