Smart Billing

This article is for legacy Workspaces that were upgraded to Business Class (now called Premium) between September 15, 2015, and August 23, 2016. For help with modern Premium billing, see How Billing Works with Trello Premium and Standard.

If you're not sure what version of Business Class or Premium your Workspace has, contact our support team.

When you upgrade your Trello Workspace to Trello Business Class you have the option to choose between a monthly or yearly billing period. Smart Billing is dynamic and automatic: when users become inactive, we’ll issue a prorated credit for their unused time.

How does adding a new member work?

If you add members to your Business Class Workspace after the initial upgrade, the card on file will be charged a pro-rated fee for their membership for the rest of the billing period (either the month or year).

This charge occurs when the member joins the Workspace, not when they're invited. If you invite someone without a Trello account to your Workspace, you will not be charged until they create an account and confirm their email address.

For example, Vincent has a Workspace he'd like to upgrade to Business Class, called Business Factory. His Workspace has three members: Vincent, Carolyn, and Diane. He chooses a yearly plan (119.99/user) and pays $359.97 for three Business Class seats for a year.

Three months after upgrading, Vincent adds Todd to Business Factory. Because Todd is being added 1/4 of the way through the year, Trello calculates a pro-rated charge for his membership for the rest of the billing period, and charges Business Factory's credit card $89.99, for 3/4 of a year.

What makes a user active?

Trello users are 'active' if they've opened Trello in the last 35 days. Once a user has gone 35 days without opening Trello, they will become 'inactive', and their Business Class Workspace will receive a credit for the remaining part of that member's subscription.

If you remove or deactivate a member from your Workspace, you will immediately be credited for that Business Class seat for the rest of the billing period.

Credits go towards the next charge for that Workspace— the money is not returned to the card on file.

Some months after upgrading, Diane takes a few months of leave to write a book, and stops accessing Trello. After thirty-five days, Trello will give Business Factory a credit for the rest of her membership. If she becomes inactive with six months left (1/2 a year), Business Factory will receive a credit for $59.99. This will not be refunded to the credit card. Instead, it will be applied to the next charge.

Nine months after upgrading, Diane changes her mind, comes back to Business Factory, and accesses her Trello account. Business Factory is charged for her membership for the rest of the billing period ($29.99 for 1/4 a year). That amount is automatically deducted from the credit, leaving $30 in credit remaining.

On the same day, Vincent adds Sarah Lynn and Wanda to Business Factory. Trello charges $59.98 for two $29.99 memberships (for the remaining 1/4 of the billing period). Because the Workspace still has a $30 credit, Trello will use that credit before charging the card on file $29.98.

If you have any questions, ask our support team! We're happy to help.

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