Creating custom emoji in Trello

Trello features emojis that you can use in comments, checklist items, descriptions, and elsewhere. You can also upload your own emoji.

To upload your custom emoji, first open a card on one of your boards. In the comment box, click on the smiley face to open the emoji menu, and then select “Upload Emoji”.


Next, upload your image and give it a name so it can be used for autocomplete later. You can upload an image up to 10MB in size, and we’ll resize it to fit within 64px by 64px.

After you upload and name your emoji, you’ll see a preview of how the emoji will look both as text and as an image. Press the “Create Custom Emoji” button, and you’re done! Your custom emoji will now be available for you to use on all of your boards.


Custom emoji is associated with individual accounts rather than Workspaces. Your Workspace members can use this guide to upload the same emoji for their account if they’d like to use it as well. Whether or not other members choose to upload their own custom emoji, they’ll still be able to see yours.

Making changes to custom emojis

Right now, there’s not a way to delete custom emoji after it’s uploaded. If you want to change your custom emoji, you can replace it by uploading a new image and giving it the same name — you can also replace the default emoji this way.

Additional Help