How to Transfer Boards to a New Account

Transferring a board will add a new member to the board and make them a board admin. Additionally, there is an option to remove the original account from the board automatically, or once the transfer is complete, the original account can be removed manually.

The transfer tool does not make a copy of boards when used. Do not delete the boards on the original account.

Follow these steps to use the transfer tool. Make sure you have two Trello accounts: the one you’re transferring boards from and the one you’re transferring boards to. If needed, create a new account first.

  1. Log into the account you’re transferring boards from.

  2. Go to Make sure to enter the correct username or email address for the account you’re transferring boards to. That account will be added as a member to the boards you select.

  3. Select the boards you’d like to transfer.

  4. If you'd like the original account to be removed from the boards, select Remove your account @X from boards after they've been transferred to @Y. By selecting that, your original account will no longer be able to access those boards.

  5. Once you click on the Transfer Boards button, the new account will be added as a member to the boards.

If you didn’t select the original member account to be removed from the boards in step 5, you can always do it later by logging in to the original member account, accessing the boards, and manually leaving each board. Learn how to manually leave a board here.

Important notes:

  • The account you're transferring boards to will not be assigned to any cards. To receive notifications and due date alerts under the account you're transferring boards to, click ‘Watch’ on those cards.

  • Reactions, votes, and Power-Up settings may be lost.

  • If the 'remove account' option is not selected, then the original account will still retain access to the boards being transferred. 

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