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Remove duplicate status from your migration

Your company managed project boards can contain issues from team and company managed projects. Some of these issues have statuses with the same name and category, creating duplicate statuses. Team managed projects have project-level statuses, and company managed projects have global-level statuses. But both are considered the same category of status during import which causes an error.

Duplicate statuses check

Before you migrate, we check your data for duplicate statuses. You need to fix them to continue with the migration.

Remove duplicate statuses

Before you can run the migration, fix this error by removing duplicate statuses from the projects.

  1. Go to the Check for Conflicts screen, and find Your projects contain duplicate statuses.

  2. Download the CSV file for the list of affected projects and do one or more of the following to fix:

Option 1:

Remove the affected statuses manually from your projects before migration.

  1. Go to your Jira instance.

  2. Go to Project <projectName>

  3. Select the three-dot icon on the left side and select Board settings.

  4. Select General. Under Filters > Saved filters, select Edit Filter Query.

  5. Remove reference to team-managed projects from the JQL filter query.

  6. Go back to board settings and select Columns. The Column management screen displays the status of team-managed projects in a warning state.

  7. Drag these projects to the Unmapped status column and then continue migrating the project.

Option 2:

Skip the projects with duplicate statuses.

  1. Check the projects with duplicate statuses from the downloaded CSV file.

  2. Go back to the Choose screen.

  3. Deselect the affected projects that were listed in the CSV file.

  4. Proceed with the migration of the remaining projects.

To fix the projects with duplicate statuses, contact support 

We only remove duplicate statuses from the migration. Your source site will still contain these statuses in the team managed projects. Your destination site will not have the removed statuses.

Additional Help