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Review discovered products

Who can do this?
Role: Organization admin
Plan: Atlassian Access (soon to be Atlassian Guard Standard)

Get an overview of the products that your managed accounts have signed up to on their own, and administer outside of your organization, on the Discovered products screen. From there, you can also take actions to manage these shadow instances, or Shadow IT.

To view details of discovered products:

  1. Go to admin.atlassian.com. Select your organization if you have more than one.

  2. Select Security > Discovered products.

Discovered products include the URL, date of creation, and admin contact information.

Products appear in this list when:

  • Your managed account starts a new Confluence or Jira product.

  • Your managed account started a new Confluence or Jira product before you verified your domain and claimed their account.

Products don’t appear in your Discovered products when your managed account signed up for the product with an email address that your organization doesn’t manage. In this situation, they changed their email address before you verified your domain and they become a managed account.

This table includes more details about the information you see for your Discovered products.

Column heading



The product name and its URL. From the All products dropdown, you can filter by Jira Core, Jira, Jira Service Management, and Confluence.

User count

The number of users with access or an invitation to the product. This number may include:

  • Users that are managed accounts of your organization

  • Users that aren't managed by your organization

  • Users that have been deleted, deactivated, or haven’t logged in recently

  • System users created for apps or integrations

Created on

The date of creation for the product.


Your managed accounts that are organization admins for the product’s organization.

If your managed accounts are removed as organization admins, the product will remain as a Discovered product and you won’t see any contact information under Organization admins. You won’t be able to Join as admin and Contact admins for the product.

Options you can select:

  • Join as admin – We grant you organization admin permissions to manage this product and any other products under the same organization. This includes access to view billing details. Once you join as admin, you have options to open the organization or the product.

  • Contact admins – We open an email with the email addresses of the admins listed in the Admins column.

  • Copy row to clipboard – We copy all details in the row, including its admins' email addresses.


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