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Jira family and sandboxes

The Jira family of products are built on the same platform. This means that Jira Software, Jira Service Management, and Jira Work Management share a common Jira framework. As a result, changes you make will affect all Jira products with the same URL. For example, if you delete your Jira Service Management sandbox from acme-sandbox-123.atlassian.net, you’ll also delete your Jira Software sandbox from acme-sandbox-123.atlassian.net.

Jira Service Management sandboxes can be accessed through your Opsgenie URL and your Jira Service Management URL.

There are different sandbox creation options when you have different Jira product plans.

If you have any Jira product on Premium or Enterprise plan with another Jira product that is on Free or Standard plan (excluding Jira Product Discovery, as we current don’t support this product in Sandbox), then you get a free sandbox for the Jira product on free or standard plan.

For example, as a user with a Jira Software Enterprise plan, you have access to a Jira Software sandbox. If you choose to add another Jira product, such as Jira Work Management on a free plan, we give Jira Work Management sandbox for free since you already have a Jira product under the Enterprise plan.

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