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What is an Enterprise plan?

Enterprise plans for Jira, Jira Service Management, and Confluence provide enterprise-grade security and governance controls for your organization.

They are our highest-level offering and are designed specifically to help large organizations scale with confidence.

Learn about the benefits of Cloud Enterprise

How Enterprise plans differ from other plans

An Enterprise plan:

  • Allows you to have multiple instances of the product, up to 150, within the same plan.

  • Includes all Premium product features.

  • Includes all Atlassian Access (soon to be Atlassian Guard Standard) features.

  • Includes several enterprise-only admin features.

  • Is an annual subscription for a set user tier. Purchasing is handled by our sales team.

This is different from other plans, such as Standard and Premium, where the plan may include fewer features, can be billed monthly (per user) or annually (by user tier), and includes only one instance of the product. Learn about the benefits of multiple instances


Enterprise plans are available for:

  • Confluence

  • Jira

  • Jira Service Management

They are aimed at large organizations and have a minimum user tier requirement.

Cost and convenience

Once you reach a certain size, an Enterprise plan may be the most economical option because:

  • You only pay once for each user, no matter how many instances of the product they have access to.

  • There’s no additional cost for Atlassian Access (soon to be Atlassian Guard Standard) for those users, it’s included with your plan.

This means more predictable bills, and because all Premium and Atlassian Access (soon to be Atlassian Guard Standard) features are included, it’s a convenient way to make sure everyone has access to the tools they need. No need to stretch your budget or make a business case each time a team wants a new instance or feature. You have everything you need to run your organization at scale.

It’s important to note that app costs aren’t included in your Enterprise plan. Learn how to estimate app costs with an Enterprise plan

Get started

To get an idea of the whole process, from site planning to configuring your new security and authentication features, check out our guide. Get started with your Enterprise plan

The process of purchasing an Enterprise plan is more involved than our other plans. There are some essential site planning and forecasting activities that you’ll need to complete before we can give you a quote. Learn how to get a quote and what information we’ll need


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