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Regenerate the security key of an existing tunnel

You can regenerate the security key of an existing application tunnel and update it in your self-managed instance. This is useful if your key gets compromised or when your security policies require that you revoke API keys on a regular basis.

Before you begin

You can also automate this process by using APIs. For more info, see Set up automatic key rotation.

Regenerate the security key in admin.atlassian.com

To generate the security key:

  1. Go to admin.atlassian.com.

  2. Go to Settings > Application tunnels.

  3. Next to your tunnel, select Actions > Regenerate security key.

  4. Go through the wizard to generate a new security key.

  5. Update the key in your self-managed instance. You can either choose to be redirected to your instance, or copy the key and give it to the admin of this instance so they can update it manually.

Update the security key in your self-managed instance

To update the security key:

  1. Go to application tunnels:

    1. If you were redirected here from cloud, you should already be on the right screen.

    2. If you weren’t redirected, go to Administration > Application tunnel, and select Update security key.

  2. Paste your security key and follow the steps in the wizard.

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