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Before you start copying product data

The capability to copy data from one instance for your Confluence to another is only available to customers who have signed up for our Early Access Program.

When you add teams or reorganize your existing teams, you may need to move your data from one instance of your Confluence to another. You can move Confluence users, spaces, and related data within or across organizations. Learn more about Atlassian organizations

Before you start copying data, here are some of the things you should know.

Limitations to the Early Access Program

There are entities and permissions, configurations, space, and app data that aren't copied. This means that this feature may not function as a generally available feature, and copied data may be inaccurate. Learn more about what gets copied and what doesn’t

If you have performed server-to-cloud migrations before, then using this feature may cause data loss. Depending on your needs, you may want to consider other ways to move data between multiple instances of Confluence. Learn about other methods. To assess how these methods impact your requirements, contact support.

You can also:

Understand what source and destination means

You can copy data from one instance of Confluence, known as the source, to another instance, known as the destination. The destination can be a new instance of Confluence or an instance with existing data.

Check your permissions

You need to be an organization admin to be able to copy data between instances of your product within that organization. To copy data to a different organization, you need to be an organization admin for both organizations. Learn more about admin permissions

Add Confluence and any other apps to your destination

Make sure that you add Confluence to your destination. Additionally, make sure that your destination has the same apps as your source. These apps may either be Marketplace apps or apps you might have built and installed.

Note that we don’t migrate app data yet. To migrate app data, you’ll need to contact the respective Marketplace Partner.

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