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Get a quote for an Enterprise plan

The process of subscribing to an Enterprise plan is more involved than the self-serve process that’s common for other plans. This is because an Enterprise plan:

  • Includes up to 150 instances of the product and Atlassian Guard Standard.

  • Requires a switch to annual subscriptions for the product and all apps.

  • Involves some provisioning effort on our end to connect everything together.

The information on this page assumes you’re already using Atlassian Cloud. The process may be a little different if you’re migrating from Data Center or are new to Atlassian Cloud.

Request a quote

Once you’ve decided that an Enterprise plan is a good fit for your organization, contact our team to start the process.

Contact us

There are some essential instance planning and forecasting activities that you’ll need to complete before we can give you an accurate quote.

Plan your instances and forecast your user count

In order for us to be able to provide a quote, we need to understand the size and shape of the instances that will be included in your plan.

For every Enterprise plan we’ll need the following information about your Atlassian Cloud organization.

Organization name

The organization you will add the plan to. If you are new to cloud you’ll need to create an organization. Learn how to create an organization


The product you’re purchasing this Enterprise plan for.

For example Confluence.

Atlassian Guard Standard SEN

If you already subscribe to Atlassian Guard Standard, your billing contact can find the SEN at my.atlassian.com. If you have more than one subscription, you’ll need to tell us which one you want connected to your Enterprise plan.

If you don’t already have an Access subscription, you’ll need to start an Atlassian Guard Standard trial. Understand Atlassian Guard

For example SEN-12345.

Verified domain(s)

You must have at least one verified email domain. Your organization admin can find this at Settings > Domains. Learn how to verify a domain

For example acme.com , springfield.com.

Total number of users

The number of unique users who will have access to at least one product instance under this plan. Will determine the user tier for your plan.

For example 5,200.

Number of instances

The number of copies of the product to include in this plan (don’t include sandboxes).

For each individual product instance that you want to include in the plan, we’ll also need the following information.

Already exists

Whether the instance already exists in your Cloud organization, or needs to be created before the quote can be generated.

Site URL

The site URL for this instance if it exists, or the URL you want to use when it is created. It will need to be created before it can be quoted.

For example acme-finance.atlassian.net.

Number of users

The number of users who will have access to this product instance. This will determine the user tier for any app subscriptions. Monitor your Enterprise user counts

For example 2,000.


The Marketplace apps that are currently installed, or that you want to install on this instance. Required to generate new quotes and invoices for your app subscriptions. Apps will need to be installed before the quote can be generated. Learn how to get a list of apps

You might want to create a spreadsheet to keep track of all the instances and essential details, especially if you plan to have more than two or three product instances.

We will also ask you to create your instances, sandboxes, and start trials for any apps. Our team will guide you through this part of the process as it will differ depending on your requirements.

To get an overview of the whole process, including tasks your organization admin will do, check out our guide.

Get started with your Enterprise plan

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