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Troubleshoot custom domains

This feature is currently only available through our Early Access Program.

If you’re not participating in the program you can still change the subdomain of your product URL. Learn how to change a product URL subdomain

A custom domain provides a branded, easy-to-remember URL to access Atlassian products.

To keep your site safe, we’ll suspend your custom domain if we detect particular changes to your DNS records, or certificates. You can also run into trouble if your DNS changes.


Recommended action

When adding a new custom domain, no products appear in the Products dropdown.

This happens when you either don’t have a product that supports custom domains, or you have already configured a custom domain for every supported product.

During the beta, you can only add a custom domain for Jira Service Management help center.

‘Unable to find matching CNAME records. Check your DNS entries for this domain’ error.

This error happens when we can’t detect one or all of the required CNAME records on your DNS.

Users will get a 404 error when trying to access your product using the custom domain.

To resolve this, make a note of the required records (you can get this from the details view), then check your DNS provider.

‘We suspended this domain because <reason>’ error.

These errors happen when we detect changes to your DNS that may be suspicious.

In some cases the changes may be legitimate, but we suspend your custom domain immediately as a precaution.

If this happens, contact our support team for assistance.

Status is still ‘provisioned’ after records have been added to DNS provider.

Generally it takes several hours for DNS records to propagate, but may take longer depending on your DNS provider.

If the status has not changed to ‘inactive’ after 24-48 hours:

  • Check that you’ve added all the required records correctly.

  • Check whether your DNS uses CAA records to control which Certificate Authorities can issue certificates for your domain. You will need to add a CAA record for amazon.com to resolve this. Learn more about CAA problems

‘A certificate already exists for that domain’ error.

This error happens when we attempt to create the SSL certificate for your custom domain, but detect an existing one that matches the domain you specified.

Usually this is because a wildcard domain, such as *.example.com has been set up at your company. You may need to work with your network administrator to resolve this.

‘We’re unable to create the custom domain. This may be because the product is no longer available, or the domain is already in use’ error

This error can happen when something changes between selecting the product and entering your domain details, and creating the custom domain.

For example, the target product is removed, or its plan changed to Free , another admin creates a domain for the same product, or we detect that the fully qualified domain name is now in use.

Known issues

We’re aware of the following issues with custom domains.

Marketplace apps may not work as expected

We’re still working to provide Marketplace apps what they need to be able to handle custom domains in every situation. During the beta you may find that apps that interact with the Jira Service Management help center or customer portal may not work as expected, for example, images, or smart links might not display.

If you do experience issues with mission-critical apps, we recommend you deactivate the custom domain in the short term.

Domain is suspended after legitimate SSL certificate detected

We continually monitor your custom domain for suspicious activity. If for some reason you need to create an SSL certificate for the same domain, you can’t use a wildcard. For example, if your custom domain is customer.support.acme.com, and we detect a certificate for *.support.acme.com, we'll suspend your domain as a precaution.

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