As a site admin, you can choose the product that your users see first when they log in to your site. We refer to this as your site's landing product.

To set your site landing product:

  1. Go to your site's Admin at If you're an admin for multiple sites or an organization admin, click the site's name and URL to open the Admin for that site.
  2. Choose Product access in the left panel.
  3. Under What you need to know, one bullet point specifies where users land when they log in. Click the Change this setting link.

  4. Pick the Product you would like all your users to land on.

  5. Click Save.

Your users will now land in your selected product when they log in to your site. It can take up to two hours for this change to take effect.

If one of your users doesn't have access to the landing product, we'll land them on the dashboard of that product but they won't be able to access any content. They can, however, change to another product using the product switcher in the navigation menu.