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Understand user API tokens

Users create API tokens to authenticate a script and make calls to Atlassian product APIs for access to product data. You need to be able to track the usage of user API tokens in your organization. From one central location, you can monitor API token usage of managed accounts in your organization with user API tokens.

You can see how many active tokens exist, when they were created, and the last time the token was used. You can also quickly assess if someone is potentially leaking information if they have access to a token but are no longer part of the project. How to view user API tokens

You can take immediate action and revoke one or more tokens from a centralized location. How to revoke user API tokens

Who can do this?
Role: Organization admin
Plan: Atlassian Guard Standard

Difference between user API tokens and API tokens

User API tokens

API tokens

An overview that allows admins to see all the user API tokens in an Atlassian organization.

Users create an API token to authenticate themselves into an organization and to run scripts. Users can can access an organization's product data with Atlassian’s product APIs.
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