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Does updating a product's URL impact its apps?

When you update a product URL, either by changing the product URL subdomain or adding a custom domain, apps in that product may no longer work as expected. This is because the app may still use the old URL.

The impact of changing the product URL depends on the method you use.

Change product URL subdomain

When you update a URL, apps for the site’s products may no longer be compatible. This is because the app may still use the old URL.

We put together a list of apps from the top vendors in our Marketplace with details about whether they’re compatible with URL changes. While this list isn’t comprehensive, we recommend checking it before updating a URL. If an app or vendor isn’t listed, you can also contact that vendor to find out how your product’s app may be impacted.

If an app on the list isn’t compatible or you’re concerned an app not listed won’t be compatible, you can uninstall the app and add it back after updating the URL. If you’ve already updated a URL and an app isn’t working, you can still uninstall the app and then add it again.

Use a custom domain

This feature is in beta, and is rolling out to organizations gradually.

At this stage you can only add a custom domain to the Jira Service Management help center. We plan to add other products in future, but in the meantime you can still change the subdomain of your product URL. Learn how to change a product URL subdomain

We’re still working to provide Marketplace apps what they need to be able to handle custom domains in every situation. During the beta you may find that apps that interact with the Jira Service Management help center or customer portal may not work as expected, for example, images, or smart links might not display.

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