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Add or remove products from your Enterprise plan

An Enterprise plan allows you to have multiple product instances, up to 150, in the same plan. As your organization grows and your needs change, you may want to add more instances to your Enterprise plan.

Learn about the benefits of multiple instances

Add a product to your Enterprise plan

The method you use to add a product will determine whether it’s automatically added to your Enterprise plan, or created as a new subscription.

To add a new product instance to your existing Enterprise plan:

  1. Go to admin.atlassian.com. Select your organization if you have more than one.

  2. Select Products.

  3. Select Add product.

  4. From the Select site screen, select New site.
    Selecting an existing site will result in a new subscription.

  5. From the Select product screen, select the product you want to add. Products with an Enterprise plan have an Enterprise label.

  6. Enter a Site name. This name will be part of the URL that you and your users will use to access the new product instance.

  7. Select Agree and start now.

We’ll automatically add the product to your Enterprise plan, and you'll receive an email to confirm the change.

Add an existing product to an Enterprise plan

If you have an existing product instance on a different plan, you can upgrade that plan to Enterprise.

To start this process, send a request via email to sales-ops-support@atlassian.com, and someone from our team will reach out.

Remove a product from your Enterprise plan

The way you remove a product depends on whether you want to:

  • Delete the product instance and all its data.

  • Keep the product instance and all its data, but downgrade it to a lower plan.

Delete a product instance and all its data

If you want to remove a product instance and all its data, you need to cancel your subscription for that product. This can’t be undone, so you may want to export any data you want to keep before canceling the subscription.

To remove a product instance covered by an Enterprise plan:

  1. Send a request via email to sales-ops-support@atlassian.com to have the product instance downgraded from Enterprise to Premium.

  2. Follow the existing instructions to cancel your subscription. Learn how to cancel a subscription

Downgrade a product instance to a lower plan

If you want to keep the product instance and all its data, but remove it from your Enterprise plan, you will need to downgrade the subscription for that product instance.

The downgraded instance will still be managed in your organization.

To downgrade an Enterprise plan, send a request via email to sales-ops-support@atlassian.com. Someone from our team will reach out. Some things to be aware of:

  • You can only downgrade when your annual plan is about to be renewed.

  • Users that no longer have access to any products in your Enterprise plan may start counting towards your Atlassian Guard Standard bill if they have access to other products.


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