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Check your anonymous access settings

Your self-hosted Jira or Confluence can be configured to allow anonymous or public access – that is, to allow anyone to access your site regardless of whether they’re logged in. You may have set this up on purpose in server, where you may be protected in part by your organization’s firewall.

Before migrating to cloud, we recommend reviewing and updating your security settings as needed.

Review Jira settings

If you don't want to allow people to access data in Jira Cloud without logging in, review all permission schemes used in Jira Server projects before you migrate. You'll need to ensure that none of the projects have added the Anyone group to the Browse Project permission as described in Allowing anonymous access to your project.

You'll also want to check your Browse Users Global Permission to ensure this is set up the way you want it in cloud.

Finally, you'll want to make sure that you aren't leaking data through public dashboards, filters, or agile boards before exporting your data. This query will require that people authenticate before seeing these assets: 

update sharepermissions set sharetype = 'loggedin' where sharetype ='global';

After migrating, you can enable or disable anonymous access to Jira Cloud projects whenever you need.

Review Confluence settings

If you don't want to allow people to access your Confluence Cloud site without logging in, you'll need to check that anonymous access isn't enabled in server before migrating. Learn more at Setting Up Public Access.

By default, your cloud site will not have anonymous access enabled, but you can set this up for your whole site or specific spaces as needed. 

More information and support

We have a number of channels available to help you with your migration.


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