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Atlassian Intelligence features in Confluence

Atlassian Intelligence is available and automatically activated for all products on Premium and Enterprise plans. Organization admins can manage Atlassian Intelligence preferences from Settings > Atlassian Intelligence in Atlassian Administration.

Improve your writing and streamline your work with Atlassian Intelligence in Confluence Cloud.

Summarize pages and blogs

Save time and get the details you need to do your work faster by generating a quick summary of Confluence pages, blogs, and page comments (beta), with Atlassian Intelligence.

Using Atlassian Intelligence to summarize a page

Find out how to use Atlassian Intelligence to summarize content

Q&A search (beta)

Find the information you need fast. Confluence understands the types of questions you would ask a teammate, and answers them instantly.

Using Atlassian Intelligence to search

Find out how to use Atlassian Intelligence to search for answers

AI definitions (beta)

Provide users with definitions for company-specific terms, acronyms, project names, or statuses on a page in Confluence.

Using Atlassian Intelligence to define an abbreviation

Find out how to use Atlassian Intelligence to define terms

Generate and transform content

Draft new content such as strategy pages and project overviews with a simple prompt. Change tone, improve writing and make technical information easier for other teams to understand.

Using Atlassian Intelligence to change the tone of a piece of content

Learn more about using AI to help write or edit content in Confluence

Summarize Smart Links (beta)

Get the information you need from a Smart Link without leaving the page you’re working on. View a summary of a page or ticket and determine whether you need to open the link or not.

Using Atlassian Intelligence to summarize Smart Links in Confluence

Find out how to use Atlassian Intelligence to summarize a Smart Link

AI panels (beta)

Add of of the two new AI panels to your page that will automatically summerize the content of the page or scan your page and identify all action items, listing them out for easy reference.

A page summary panel in a page with and AI generated summary.

Find out how to use AI panels in Confluence

AI automations

Explain any requirement or action you want to automate, and Atlassian Intelligence will create a rule for you. Access AI-powered automation templates and components to help you execute actions faster.

Find out how to use Atlassian Intelligence for automation


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