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Tag products to enable HIPAA

By tagging your products, it helps us identify which products contain Protected Health Information (PHI). Only PHI in tagged products will be protected in accordance with HIPAA requirements and covered under the BAA.

When you tag(or untag) a product within the Jira family, it will automatically tag(or untag) all other Jira products on the same site. It's important to note that tagging your products may affect some product functionalities. For example, email and push notifications might be redacted to exclude any potential PHI.

To support you in using our products in a HIPAA-compliant manner, we have provided an Implementation Guide that equips you with the necessary knowledge.

How to tag your products

  1. To tag your products, go to admin.atlassian.com, select Settings > Compliance.

  2. Then select Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

  3. From the HIPAA dashboard, select Tag products.

  4. Select the product instances you want to tag to enable HIPAA compliance. Learn more about eligible products

  5. Once the product instances are tagged, they’ll appear on your HIPAA dashboard with the status TAGGED.

  6. Follow the same process for each product you wish to tag to enable HIPAA compliance.

If you wish to untag your product instances, you must confirm that there is no PHI in the product and agree that your data will no longer be processed, stored, or transmitted in accordance with HIPAA or your BAA with Atlassian.

After tagging products, you need to follow the HIPAA Implementation Guide and configure your products accordingly before you upload any PHI into your products. Learn more about the HIPAA Implementation Guide

It’s important to remember that HIPAA compliance is a shared responsibility between Atlassian and you. Completing these steps won't automatically guarantee your compliance with HIPAA, you must also ensure that you follow HIPAA best practices.

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