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Remove domains and products from your organization

In order to delete an organization, you first need to:

  • Remove all domains associated with the organization.

  • Remove all products linked to the organization.

Remove all domains associated with your organization

If you have any domains associated with the organization, either verified or unverified, you'll need to remove them.

To remove domains:

  1. Go to admin.atlassian.com. Select your organization if you have more than one.

  2. Select Directory > Domains.
    This step is different depending on your user management experience:
    Select Settings > Domains.

  3. For each domain, select > Remove.

Remove all products linked to your organization

Before you can delete an organization you need to cancel all subscriptions and trials, and then wait for the products to be deactivated (14 days after the cancelation takes effect).

To cancel a subscription:

  1. Go to admin.atlassian.com. Select your organization if you have more than one.

  2. Select Billing. You'll see all the products included in your active subscriptions.

  3. Select Manage subscription for the product you want to delete.

  4. Find the product you want to remove, and select

    1. If you’re on a trial or monthly subscription, select Delete.

    2. If you’re on an annual subscription, select Contact support (you don’t have the option to delete it yourself).

We’ll give you an indication of when the cancelation will take effect. Repeat this process for all products in the organization.

The manage subscriptions screen showing a subscription that will be cancelled on a certain date.

If you have an Atlassian Access subscription for your organization, and you have Trello or Bitbucket products, you'll need to remove the products directly from Trello / Bitbucket.

How soon can you delete the organization?

Removing products from your organization can take several weeks. To reduce the risk of accidental data loss, products aren’t fully deactivated until 14 days after the date the cancellation takes effect. This is usually the renewal date for monthly subscriptions or the date communicated to you by our team for annual subscriptions. You won’t be able to delete the organization until after this time.

For example, if your subscription renews each month on the 10th, and you cancel that subscription on the 1 June, the earliest the product will be deactivated is 24 June.

Diagram showing 24 days from requesting cancellation to deactivation

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